Welcome to our hobby shop!

We are a low volume, custom/handmade hobby shop specializing in geeky and artsy items (where science and art come together - turns out they are not so separate). Materials are selected based on a balance of Earth friendly and long lasting.

Please excuse the mess while the new storefront construction continues. All items can be purchased by clicking on the photo and purchasing them through one of my 3 (my Artfire shop is closed) shops set up through other online commerce sites. We opened the first shop in 2009 and have tried many different shop venues -- all part of the learning curve - now we are building our own store :).

We are a scientist/artist combo by trade and nature (and by blood). You need both to create and come up with different ideas. We especially like making things that are geeky, practical, and washable (long life and reusable). We take time to evaluate the materials. This site will have links to our other storefronts as well as sell directly for new products.

What makes this shop different from the zillions of others on the internet: 1) most of our items are one of a kind/unique (OK, maybe weird) 2) we try to make our stuff washable with the possibility of a long life (making it worth the little extra $).

We have also been around since mid 09 --that means we have not just cropped up to sell whats hot for a little while and disappear - we have been around enough to have a track record and resolve any issues (except the spelling :)). You will also notice that I give the designer the credit - I know this gives others an idea where to find things (like the reference section on Wikipedia), but I really feel that they deserve it (even if it costs me sales).

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Please e-mail any questions to Crafyscientists2@gmail.com.