Welcome to our site!

The idea of making and selling things online came through my daughter (Maddy). I would have never done this on my own in a million years. She is my muse. From there, I adapted it to a science elective class (screen printing, tye dying, etc all have lots of science) and the rest is history.

I grew up sewing my own cloths and other things - had not idea it would ever resurface :). I don't sell cloths because I am swamped with ....working :)

The shop helps fund my science class stuff and I end up printing t-shirts for all kids of school activities.

My daughter is at the end of her degree program in animation and is starting to post more things. My son is coming on line with duck tape wallets an pencil bags (apparently everyone needs them - I hope grandma sees this:)).



Shipping Information: In general, made items take 1-3 business day to ship. Made to order can vary depending on item.

Many of the items are on linked and specific information is on that items page.

Please e-mail any questions to Crafyscientists2@gmail.com.